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The World's Favorite Drone Sports!
Let's Get Hot And Fly Together.

Introducing the ultimate sports drone Striker, created through endless

research and development on drone sports and countless flight tests.


Exhilarating Speed, Best Performance

With the Dronepang Series designed to provide innovative flight and fun within the safety of a highly elastic guard shell, you can experience three speed modes, ranging from a safe low-speed mode to a thrilling high-speed mode.

Dronepang F1 PRO

Dronepang F1 PRO

Enjoy your drone safely with a stretchy elastic

guard that can withstand strong impacts.

Dronepang F2 ST

Dronepang F2 ST

Dronepang’s BL motors provide powerful performance and extreme flight capabilities.

Inflatable Arena

Inflatable Arena

You can enjoy Dronepang anytime,



Drones Open Up
New Worlds

The Educational DIY Drone Palas is a kit that allows you to build a drone with your own hands and understand how it works.

DIY Drone Palas
대지 14.jpg

Skyball Enables Future Connections
And Exploration Through Innovative
Drone Technology.

Through constant innovation and passion, we develop safe and

sustainable drone solutions and bring innovative flying experiences

and enjoyment to people around the world.

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