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What is Drone Soccer, a popular drone sport around the world

Drone Soccer
What is Drone Soccer

What is Drone soccer?

Drone soccer is a fast-growing new air sport combines drones and soccer.

Originating in Korea since 2016, drone soccer involves using a carbon material-encased drone ball to maneuver and score into goalposts, resembling soccer.

1) Rules of Drone Soccer

Drone soccer uses a 40cm drone ball, with teams controlling five drones each to pass the ball in the air, take shots, and score into the opponent's goalposts.

Helsel has developed drones named Striker, Taiki, and DronePang, offering them to users in global competitions.

history of Drone soccer
The history of Drone soccer

2) History and Origin of Drone Soccer

In 2015, Jeonju City collaborated with Shin Drone to pioneer drone soccer. In 2018, Helsel merged with Shin Drone, leading the way and contributing to the growth of the drone soccer industry.

drone soccer korea helsel
Helsel produced drone soccer with Jeonju City of Korea

3) Growth of Drone Soccer in Korea

Several competitions like the National Drone Soccer Championship and nationwide events by media outlets like the World Cup organized by the World Journal took place in Korea. In 2025, the 2025 Jeonju Fida World Cup Drone Soccer Championship, valued at $1 million, will be held, solidifying Korea's position as the hub for drone soccer.

CES 2024 Drone Soccer
Drone Soccer Introduced at CES 2024

4) Drone Soccer Globalization at CES 2024

Drone soccer has been recognized as an official sport by the FAI.

It is also gaining huge popularity worldwide, with FIDA displaying drone soccer at CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show) in January 2024.

Currently, drone soccer is spreading to many countries such as Japan, Europe, and the United States, and is expected to expand further worldwide in the future.

Drone soccer korea helsel
Skyball, a drone soccer brand manufactured by helsel

5) Introduction of Helsel's Drone Soccer Products

helsel is the oldest drone manufacturer in Korea that has been with drone soccer since its inception. Skyball is a brand of helsel for drone soccer. It actively produces new soccer drones. For those who want to start playing drone soccer, I will introduce helsel's soccer drone

[STRIKER 40cm Drone Soccer ball]

Known for resilience to external impacts, strong air resistance, and agile flight movements, officially used in international events by FAI.

[DRONEPANG F2 ST 22cm Drone Soccer ball]

F2 ST is a 22cm drone soccer ball for teenagers. It has a powerful, elastic shell and boasts fast movement.

[DRONEPANG F1 Pro 20cm Drone Soccer ball]

F1 PRO is a drone for young people who want to enter Drone Soccer.

It has a resilient guard against powerful shocks, enabling a safe drone experience. Three-speed control, one-touch takeoff and landing provide a stable drone experience.

Click on the image to go to the PALAS's detail page.


PALAS is a DIY STEM drone ball for education and dissemination.

It allows students to understand how it works and arouse interest while assembling drones themselves.


The Skyball blog will continue to provide various news about Drone Soccer, which will help many people. If you are interested in drone Soccer, please continue to visit the SKYBALL website.

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