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Why U.S. Students Started Drone Soccer

drone soccer Striker
Drone ball Striker used in drone soccer competitions

The growth of Drone Soccer in the United States

Drone soccer is a sport that originated in South Korea and is now growing in the United States with tremendous potential.

Drone soccer competitions are thriving in the U.S., with SUNY Poly (a public university in Utica, New York) hosting the inaugural U.S. Drone Soccer National Championship. Sixteen student teams, selected from regional competitions, competed for national honors, international tournaments, and exhibition tickets.

Moreover, schools like Howard Middle School (Howard County Public School System, HCPSS) in Maryland and Desert Hot Springs Middle School have organized drone soccer matches, demonstrating a growing interest in drone soccer across various educational institutions in the U.S.

Drone Soccer World Cup will be held

To the immense excitement and anticipation of the students, the Drone Soccer World Cup will be held in October 2025 in Jeonju, South Korea! It will be the largest international event of its kind, with over 2,500 participants from 32 countries and a prize pool of $100,000

drone soccer students
Many students in the world play drone soccer

Why Students Should Start Drone Soccer

Drone soccer is a sport that students program and fly themselves.

Students can easily maintain their interest in science, technology, and engineering by gaining mechanics skills while learning the technical aspects of repairing and fixing their own drone soccer ball.

In addition, the drone soccer ball is more difficult to control than a regular drone, which can greatly improve children's concentration.

Explore careers, not just hobbies

There's a growing appetite for STEM education in the U.S., so much so that we plan to continue to support educators who choose this great STEM sport for future seasons of drone soccer competition. It's not just about educators, it's about promoting Stem education and encouraging young people to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

drone Soccer Skyball
Skyball is a great solution for drone Soccer

With the drone soccer industry growing significantly, now is the perfect time to learn the Drone soccer. The Helsel Skyball has drone soccer balls for students interested in STEM.

If you're interested in learning more about drone soccer, check out Skyball products.


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